IRM Education and Clinical Supplies

Healthcare Education with superior products

IRM recognized the need to provide Healthcare Education with superior products. The Healthcare Education material offers a comprehensive range of products and Clinical Skills simulators 

Clinical Skills Simulators

Anatomical Models:

  • Recognized as the most accurate, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Anatomical Charts:

    • Anatomical Charts for the training requirements

Multisensory Products

To provide a stable and relaxing environment where people of all ages and all abilities can benefit. 

IRM provides Multi-Sensory Environments in a variety of setting including schools, hospitals, nursing homes, developmental centers, mental health facilities, autism programs, group homes, rehabilitation centers and lately airports. 

All Multi-Sensory Products are specifically designed for the special needs market. 

Furniture for children and young people with Special Needs

The designs reflect the expertise and provide numerous clinical benefits while promoting social inclusive and independence. The manufacturer(s) have a very close relationship with therapists, children and parents which help them establish exactly what is required to provide numerous clinical benefits from those furnitures. 

Medical Events

IRM undergoes yearly series of WORKSHOPS by their European and North American Manufacturer(s) to the Public and Private Medical Staff to whom a “live” demonstrations and trials are performed on a “patient-model” 

Those Workshop(s) are certified by Qatar Council for Health Practitioner(QHCP).