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The Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (IRM) boasts 2 decades of expertise in the field of rehabilitation. IRM is the sole official distributor of a vast range of world-class equipment and accessibility solutions. We, at IRM, customize and fits related rehabilitation solutions. We offer expert consultancy in the design and configuration of solutions for each unique patient. IRM works passionately to restore the patient’s quality of life and lovingly design empowerment and independence with state-of-the-art products and expert services. We restore comfort, mobility and the quality of life of patients in devoted, expert care.


To become the region’s first brand, providing the latest advances in rehabilitation, accessibility and educational services, solutions and equipment. 


To maximize the life quality of our clients-patients and their loved ones.


CEO Message

Dear Valued customers,
For the past a few years, we have continued to focus our strategy on upgrading our portfolio and continually serving the needs of our customers. This led to the success and steady growth of our company, IRM. Also, another vital factor that has strengthened our pillar of success and sustained our tangible accomplishments in very short time is holding on to our principle of a very simple moral fact that sincerity which is the key component of any interaction between human beings. We at IRM strongly believe this is the only way to work with our customers. You can expect it from us without any question. Each individual employee at IRM brings a different skill set to the table, and combined they are one voice working to provide unbeatable technology and customer service. When it comes to serving you, the first step is to determine what your needs are. It is our job as a team to provide that knowledge and result you desire. If you need direction, we can offer help in:

  • Innovative Solutions to Diseases that cause disability& physical disabilities. Brain injuries, Neurological disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Multiple sclerosis (MS), Strokes, Dementia, Respiratory disorders, Hearing & visual impairment, Physical disabilities: Accidents, infections, and Brain injuries
  • Pain management, Behavioural rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, Neurology products line such as NC/EMG, EEG, VEP and ABR. Respiratory and sleep diagnostic and treatment, pulmonary function testing and sport and occupational medicine.
  • Niche consumables/ disposables for different medical specialties
  • Hospital furniture
  • Turnkey projects
  • Medical IT solutions
  • Home care services
  • Cosmetics equipment

Our staff and international and local business partners have the associated skills, and we offer the professional services you require to deploy your projects on time and within your allocated budget. At the end, there is only one acceptable solution “total customer satisfaction”, which is delivering more than expected always. IRM team members have 15-20 years of experience in our industry as well as careers dedicated to medical equipment and its IT solutions. When we say yes to serve you, our team has lengthy years of combined experience to draw upon. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance; we are here to partner with you as we provide the support you need to achieve your desired goals.

For us to best address your needs we believe in the importance of being involved from the beginning to the end of your projects to exceeds your expectations. It requires us to use all the talents and skills existing at IRM facilities. it is crucial for your polyclinic /hospital to work with us to identify where we can best assist you. You are the customer and will respond to your demands. I challenge each of you to demand excellence from us and you find that we will exceed your expectations. Sincerely, we are proud to show you our state- of-the-art products, cutting edge technology and total commitment to excellence. Challenge us and discover our unique products and existing company can offer you.

Best regards,

Dr Bassam

Dr. Bassam Qambar
CEO, Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine



The patient is at the heart of all we do


Our professional staff maintains their skills and patient care at the highest level


We restore the quality of life of our patients so they can take their place in society as comfortably and easily as possible


We are proud of our products, services, solutions and our dedication to every aspect of what we do


We embrace the state-of-the-art in products, services and solutions


We belong to the community, and are committed to creating a culture of care