B2B Business

Final stretch of finalizing strategic investment

In addition to thriving further growth in the Qatari market, IRM management took the final stretch of finalizing strategic investment internationally in GULF counties and Jordan through its strong sub-distributor channels and direct operational team to oversee business in the segments of the specific markets.

Mobility - Wheelchairs

Why IRM for B-B business and turnkey projects :

  • Excellent reputation of IRM in the Qatari market and around the Gulf countries
  • Ability to finance the operation of public and private sectors
  • Willing to invest strategically
  • Commitment to growth
  • High caliber management team
  • Strong sub-distribution channels throughout the gulf countries
  • Accomplished projects in the Qatari Markets 
  • Team Solid clinical experience in different medical specialties. IRM employs 15-20 years of experience in our industry as well as careers dedicated to medical equipment and its IT solution
  • Strong relationship with end-users and key opinion leaders in the Qatari and Gulf countries.